Lumen® PL3157CR – PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb (3157, Red)

purchase Lumen® PL3157CR - PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb (3157, Red) 817201021365 for Ford truck cheap online

Product Details:

PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulb – 3157, Red by Lumen®, 1 Bulb. 5-LEDs bulb, 320 lumens, 360 degree light output. If you want superior lighting performance, with brightness and color that rivals xenon bulbs, but with cooler operating temperatures, and greater efficiency and dependability, then you need Lumen PlaZma Series Replacement LED Bulbs. Plasma LED bulbs are twice as bright as and far more luminous than ordinary LED bulbs. These Lumen bulbs are available in sizes for all interior and exterior applications, and in a range of popular colors. Premium quality construction and extreme resistance to vibration combine to maximize durability, so you get exceptional lighting performance in a bulb that will most likely last the life of your vehicle.

Part Number:

Vehicle Fitment:

2014 Acura TL
2013 Acura TL
2012 Acura TL

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